Endosphere Treatment

You will enjoy the results of Endosphere treatment after the first session.

Its effect goes deep at various levels - from skin surface to muscles.

This treatment helps reduce skin imperfections. It is also used on to perform localized treatment on problem areas to improve on shape, structure and smoothness.

Endosphere is a non-invasive treatment for which no harsh chemicals are used, and hence, it has no side effects.

The compressive micro-vibration is emitted to your skin with a roller rust that has silicone spheres. These vibrations affect your fatty cells, liquid accumulation, lymphatic stasis, and cellulite. They also help your body increase collagen production.

Endosphere body treatment 60 min – $130
Endosphere body treatment 90 min – $170

Endosphere facial treatment 60 min – $110
Make up remover with Hydra Peptide products,
30 min massage, face mask, cream
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