Lymphatic drainage massage

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Lymphatic drainage massage - is a deep muscle kneading. With this massage, lymph and blood circulation increases, tissue nutrition improves, local congestion decreases, plus this technique of slowly working out the muscles. This procedure is to increase and improve the quality of blood and lymph flow.

Thanks to it, you can reduce swelling of the lower and upper extremities and eliminate pain. In addition, massage has a positive effect on reducing stress levels, relaxation and improving overall mental well-being.

You can easily combine this massage with Pressotherapy.

What is pressotherapy? What are the benefits?
Pressotherapy is a therapeutic method that helps to eliminate swelling, heavy legs and the feeling of fatigue. It also prevents varicose veins and is an integral part of the therapeutic arsenal in the treatment and prevention of cellulite.

Once the 4 sleeves are in place, we adjust the pressure and the duration of the session. These are then inflated with a sequential program. This mechanized drainage session is an ideal treatment for athletes to recover after sport.
Lymphatic drainage massage 60 min
Lymphatic drainage massage 90 min

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Pressotherapy + EMS 60 min
Pressotherapy 30 min

Starting from $60
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