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What is Cortisone?

Cortisone shots, also known as corticosteroid injections, are a powerful solution for those dealing with inflammatory acne breakouts. Our specialized cortisone shot treatment involves a tiny injection of corticosteroids directly into the acne lesion. This reduces inflammation, rapidly diminishing the appearance of acne and preventing scarring.

Our experts will assess your skin condition, discuss the procedure, and address any concerns you may have. Rest assured, cortisone shots are safe when administered by our skilled professionals, and they can offer rapid relief from painful and unsightly blemishes. We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction throughout the process, ensuring you leave our spa with renewed confidence in your skin.

Who is a Candidate for Cortisone Shots for Acne?
Moderate to Severe Acne
Cortisone shots are most effective for individuals dealing with moderate to severe forms of acne, particularly cystic acne.
Inflammatory Acne
If your acne is primarily characterized by redness, swelling, and large, deep-seated pimples, you are a potential candidate for cortisone shots. These injections target the inflammation at the source, providing rapid relief.
Previous Acne Treatment Failures
If over-the-counter acne products or other treatments have not yielded satisfactory results, cortisone shots can offer a more direct and powerful solution to address your acne concerns.
Fast Results Desired with Cortisone Shot Acne
Individuals seeking quick results or looking to improve their skin's appearance before a special event or occasion in Los Angeles can benefit from cortisone shots. These injections work rapidly, often within 24 to 48 hours.
Healthy Candidates
Healthy individuals without underlying medical conditions that contraindicate corticosteroid use are suitable candidates. However, your dermatologist in Los Angeles will conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure the treatment is safe for you.
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