Try our signature 'Wrap Me Up' mineral 5- step seaweed day spa. This procedure improves your body, releases muscle tension, and saturates your skin with minerals and antioxidants.

1 step — 20 minutes of dry sauna activate your lymphatic system
2 step — scrub massage removes keratinized cells from your skin
3 step — seaweed body mask enrich your skin with minerals and antioxidants
4 step — infa-red wraps increase the positive body mask effect
5 step — post-massage gel helps your skin  absorb all minerals and antioxidants during 12 hours after procedure.

Starting from $160
Our clients reviews
Kate is a very rare specialist who always does the work very well! Once you try a massage from Kate it will be hard to stop, your tired body and tight muscles will ask to go again and again.
Marianna Pereverten
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